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Medical illustration

Images that are scientifically accurate, visually appealing and transform complex information into visual communication tools are my speciality as a medical artist. As a professional medical artist I have advanced education in both science and visual communication. I collaborate with scientists, physicians, surgeons and other specialists to create illustrations that convey intricate concepts and methodology.

Animation and interactive media

Animations and interactive media are a novel way of communicating scientific concepts to broad audiences. Through comprehensive research including studying scientific papers, meeting with scientific experts, observing surgeries, and visiting medical pathology museums, I convey complex medical concepts via vibrant and accessible visual media.

3D models

My work can be found across the globe in scientific papers, patient information leaflets, scientific posters, medical legal artwork, surgeons and pharmaceutical websites, medical device advertising, scientific journal front covers, exhibitions, and museum leaflets. My medical artwork promotes education, research, patient care and marketing efforts.

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Medical Animation

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The aim is to create innovative, scientifically accurate medical animation and visual communication solutions for my clients.

The focus is to design and develop engaging, educational medical animations with visual storytelling techniques to effectively communicate complex pharmacological processes, unfamiliar disease pathology and the function of medical devices.

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About the artist behind 'Medical Art'

Catherine Bone (Sulzmann)

Catherine has been a professional medical illustrator for over a decade, working with a broad range of clients such as pharmaceutical companies, marketing companies, surgeons, radiologists, cardiologists, midwives, osteopaths, art directors, printing houses, and scientific journals.

After finishing her undergraduate in Forensic Science at the University of Central Lancashire in 2004, she obtained a Masters in Forensic Anthropology at Bradford University in 2006. Through drawing for a paper she published on carpal bones in the American Association of Physical Anthropology Journal, she discovered medical illustration and received training in Medical Art with the Medical Artists' Education Trust (MAET) at the Royal College of Surgeons in London.

Five years later she became a tutor with the MAET and has obtained a BETC in teacher training. She especially enjoys passing on her knowledge to the students and has revamped the MAET website ( and produced many online tutorials covering the wide range of skills needed by a medical artist.

Currently she also working on her PhD at Bristol University focusing on the facial reconstruction of hominids.

Catherine Sulzmann
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