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Medical animations are created in 3D and are used for pharmaceutical product advertising, product branding, education, marketing and healthcare communication.


The aim is to create innovative, scientifically accurate medical animation and visual communication solutions for my clients.

The focus is to design and develop engaging, educational medical animations with visual storytelling techniques to effectively communicate complex pharmacological processes, unfamiliar disease pathology and the function of medical devices.

Animation production process

A 3D medical animation project can be a complex process and has many project considerations. In the project scope section, the intended goals, key messages, and budget requirements for a specific 3D animation project are considered and inform the storyboard.

  • Other things to consider is, where and how will the initial project be viewed? Congress or event, sales representative training, your YouTube channel, iPad in your waiting room or medical conference, etc.? This will assist in determining the final media and display format.
  • What is the main purpose of the project? To educate peer groups, internal communication, inform the general public, sales representative education & training, external marketing?
  • Who will the primary target audience be? Specialists, Physicians, Patients, Sales Reps, others?
  • Length of the intended script? (The average attention span and typical target length are 2-3 minutes.) The script will need to be provided by the client.
  • What is the target completion date, or first utilization date for the project?
  • Is there is a preset budget or budgetary range for the project?
  • I will provide storyboards, narration, custom music & sound effects, but no live-action video production.
  • It is important if scientific accuracy is to be maintained, so the client must provide as much detailed information as possible.
  • Are there possible additional uses for the original project i.e., website content, physician/ patient version, high-resolution marketing imagery, etc?


This is the initial, very important phase, where the animation project scope, requirements set set and any other preliminary project data collected. The client or medical expert will closely collaborate at this point ensure all the right hit points are met. Artistic inputs for better visual experience are suggested at this point. Once a complete overview of the project has been defined, the storyboard is created and goes through an approval process.


Once the storyboard is approved and all the external assets or product data is collected, the production phase is started where the 3D assets and animation is created. Depending on the milestone delivery plan, an initial or milestone-based delivery is created for the client. In this stage, the client is very involved to suggest any feedback and adjustments.


Once all feedback and adjustments are implemented we create final 3D animation that goes into Post-Production. In this phase visual effects are added and rendered shots edited to create the final animation. If required music, sound effects, voice over, as well as titles and motion graphics are added. The final product is exported to any desired video format and deliver it to the client.

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