the painful heel
Client: David Silver Consultant Musculoskeletal Radiologist 
Project Start: February 2018
Description: Produce all the image for the Sixth Edition of Silver’s Joint and Soft tissue Injection book

Editor: CRC Press

The brief of the project was to create the images for David Silvers’ book on joint and soft tissue injection, which his father Trevor Silver had started. Images included those for the shoulder, elbow, hand, wrist, knee, foot, ankle and hip joints.

Images created include:

  • Shoulder injections – biceps, subacromial, anterior GH, posterior GH, AC
  • Hand and wrist injections – first MC, carpal tunnel,  de quervain’s tenosynovitis, trigger finger,
  • Elbow injections – tennis elbow, golfers elbow, olecranon bursitis
  • Hip injections – trochanteric bursitis, ischiogluteal bursitis, meralgia paraesthetica
  • Knee injections – IT band, knee joint
  • Ankle injections – ankle sprains, the painful heel, posterior tibial tendon
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