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I am a Professional Member of the Medical Artists’ Association of Great Britain. I provide custom-made medical illustrations and animations tailored to each individual client; producing work in both 2D and 3D formats. I focus on providing highly accurate medical illustrations of human anatomy, veterinary anatomy, pathological specimens, surgical sequences, editorial illustrations, conceptual art, posters and surgical instruments. As I specialise in 3D illustration and animation of anatomy, surgery and surgical procedures, am also able to create 3D interactive models which can be used in apps and iBooks for the iPad and iPhone. Due to my anatomical training with the Medical Artists’ Education Trust and my previous MSc in Forensic Anthropology, I can produce highly skilled drawings with great accuracy. My artwork is suitable for medical textbooks, health-oriented advertisements, website, patient leaflets, scientific publications, teaching aids and surgical instrument catalogues. Part of working as a medical illustrator means that I converse and collaborate with surgical staff and medical practitioners regularly, and I am able to quickly grasp the essences of scientific data, understand the needs and outcomes of the client, and transform highly technical content into a clear concise visual story.

I specialise in 3D illustration and animation so I mainly work in the programs Autodesk Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, and After Effects, although I do often combine traditional techniques with digital. I can work in traditional pen and ink and pencil, which is a very quick method and can benefit the client if they need a quick turn around. However, digital artwork is a far more editable format and can produce a more contemporary feel, as well as being the most photo-realistic.

I am also Course Director and tutor with the Medical Artists’ Education Trust. I teach the students the computer based artwork styles and the musculoskeletal anatomy lessons. If you would like the see the work the students do then please visit www.maet.org.uk


BSc Forensic Science
MSc Forensic Anthropology
Professional Member of the Medical Artists’ Association



Medical Artists’ Association – MAA
Institute of Medical Illustrators – IMI
Bath & Camerton Archaeological Society – BACAS
Royal Anthropological Institute – RAI
NESPOS Society e.V

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